I was raised in Connecticut among woods, a pond, neighborhood kids and small adventures. In the winter we would ice skate, in the summer we would sit under a tree by the waterfall and smoke…uh, I mean read. I grew up with a variety of sports in an idyllic chidhood setting.

During college I spent a year abroad in France. Part of that time was in Aix-en-Provence in an art school. It was there I learned about the field of illustration. Our study in the metaphysical fine art, and Impressionism was the farthest thing from illustration, but our instructor noticed a habit of mine to doodle a lot. So he introduced me to a new path that would shape my professional art career from then on.

I returned to attend the Art Institute of Boston from 1993-1997. With a BFA in Illustration I embarked on the true awakening, the true smack in the face, that is reality. Forging a career was an ongoing project that required a primordial sense of will and purpose. I tried out various disciplines, and between 1998-1999 got some work doing marker comps at an advertising agency.

As the Internet was gaining in popularity, early on I did recognize the value in having a portfolio online. So I taught myself html and built a website. This began the duality in me of being an illustrator but also dabbling in web design.

Pursuing the hopes of wide scale career opportunities in web design, I ended up with several challenging yet ultimately futile jobs in the business world. I was laid off twice. This was when I went back to school for an MA in Multimedia from Emerson College in Boston.

Currently I live in Boulder, CO.